Saturday, March 24, 2012

UPTET : Selection of Teacher Through TET Merit

UPTET : Selection of Teacher Through TET Merit

Recently some candidates, some people misguided saying -

Niyamavali / Government Order not contains - "Selection through TET Merit" and some are saying TET is only for eligibility and NOT a criteria for Selection.

See What is writte in Niyamavali -

See Page No. 12 , pt. (3) "The names of candidates in list prepared under sub-rule (2) shall then be arranged in such manner that their names shall be placed in descending order on the basis of the marks obtained in Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by the Government of Uttar Pradesh"

Source :

See What is written in NCTE Notofication -
(9) (b) should give weightage to the TET scores in the recruitment process; however, qualifying the TET would not confer a right on any person for recruitment/employment as it is only one of the eligibility criteria for appointment.[1]%20(latest).pdf

It is NOT easier to change base for selection. And if it happens then TET Merit holder can go in court and selection process may gets suspension. Then candidate may have to wait for a long long time to wait for decision in court.

KVS, SSA Chandigarh etc. uses TET Merit for selection. Why people are NOT opposing it ?

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